Official RCS-D™ Designation Course for Brokers/Agents | March 11-12, 2019 San Jose, CA

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Course Title: Divorce & Elder Real Estate for Consumer Protection Part 1 & Part 2
Course Overview
Course Presentation: Live Instruction
Sponsored by:
c/o 1802 Thorn Brook Lane
Franklin, TN 37064
E: info [at]
Brief Course Description:
This course will clarify the consumer protection role of real estate licensees, pre-transaction, to help facilitate documents and other information gathering in Family Matters: Elder | Divorce | Trusts & Estates.
Consumer Protection Niche
Opportunity for real estate licensees to help lawyers/mediators | divorce and elder homeowners preserve homeownership eligibility and prevent house mistakes, especially regarding over-valuation and re-saleability issues.
Document Gathering Assistance
Proactive approach to pre-transaction document support for House Due Diligence in Family Matters: Elder | Divorce | Trusts & Estates, needed whether real property is kept or sold.
Attendance Policy
For live courses, student must attend a minimum of 90% of the approved course hours to be eligible for RCS-D designation.
Live Course Identification Statement
Participants shall present one of the following forms of identification below immediately before admittance to a live presentation of an offering:
A. A current California driver’s license.
B. A current identification card described in Section 13000 of the California Vehicle Code
C. Any identification of the participant issued by a governmental agency or a recognized real estate related trade organization within the immediately preceding five years which bears a photograph, signature and identification number of the participant.
Course Policies
• Confirmed Registration: Registration is confirmed only when registration form is completed and payment in full is received by Course Sponsor. Early Bird Tuition: USD$450.00 | Regular Tuition: USD$550.00
• Returned Checks: A $45 processing fee will be assessed for returned checks.
• Note: You Must Bring Your Government-Issued Photo Identification for Admittance to Course Day 1 and Day 2.
• Attendance Policy: 90% attendance is required to earn RCS-D™ Designation. Each Attendee must timely arrive, sign in and be in attendance at the start of each class day per course offering; and attendee attends full duration of the class without unauthorized absences (including phone calls answered or initiated except during scheduled breaks). Note: unauthorized absences of any kind, including departing prior to class dismissal, and the like, will result in dismissal from the course and will forfeit full tuition (with no refund, no credit and no substitution).
Should the Course Sponsor/School cancel the live event course offering, tuition fees paid at the time of such cancellation will be refunded to confirmed registrants as soon as possible. Course Sponsor/School is not responsible for non-transferable, non-refundable airline tickets, hotel accommodations, or other travel expenses purchased in connection with attendance at live event offerings.
All refund requests are subject to the Policies provided below:
• All refund requests must be submitted to Course Sponsor via “contact us” page on or email to: info [at] in writing and signed by the original registrant.
• Note: you may substitute a qualifying attendee prior to 24 hours before coursework begins on first day of course for which you originally registered. All substitutions must be confirmed in writing and signed by both the original registrant and the substituted registrant and timely submitted to Course Sponsor as required above. Note: the original registrant must make independent arrangements for tuition reimbursement directly from the substituted registrant.
• More than 48 hours before the start of the first day of the course: we will issue a credit (towards a future course offering only) or we will issue a refund minus a $25 cancelation fee
• Once the first class session begins (per course offering): no refund, but we will issue a credit (towards a future course offering only).
• Late arrivals will not be admitted and, along with no-shows who provide no written notification prior to the start of the first class session per course, will forfeit the full tuition.
• Registrant must be in attendance for RCS-D™ candidacy
• Failure to attend all required class sessions per course offering and/or failure to take the final examination will result in forfeiture of full tuition and preclude RCS-D™ candidacy.
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You may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership rights to the Sites or any of the Product(s). The Sites and the Product(s) are property of Collaborative Continuing Education Council, INC. All rights, if not expressly granted, are reserved. This includes, but is not limited to, prohibiting derivative works.
By purchasing the Product(s) or any of them, you receive a non-exclusive, limited license to use the content with your individual clients as a licensed professional. All other use is prohibited, including but not limited to presenting, teaching, or otherwise distributing the Sites, the Product(s) or any content from either the Sites or the Product(s) including but not limited to distribution as a live event, via website, or via any media as presentation, continuing legal education, continuing education, professional development, or the like.
Only Licensee, as the registered learner, is permitted to access the Sites, the Product(s), and/or request support or access support resources.
Licensee agrees not to scrape, copy, record, screen capture or otherwise download (including but not limited to in bulk), any content from the Sites and/or the Product(s). Licensee is not permitted to publish, using any media, any content from the Sites, the Product(s) or support content or documentation, including but not limited to any external websites, social media outlets, and the like.
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2. Transactional Emails
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3. Price Changes
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4. Acceptance
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5. Limitation of Liability
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7. Counterparts
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8. Severability
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9. Headings
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10. Entire Agreement
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11. Terms History
Created: July 26, 2015
Modified: April 30, 2018
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